About YELI

Yanbu English Language & Prep-Year Institute  (YEL & PYI) is one of the Kingdom’s leading institutes in the provision of English language and academic skills education, offering a range of courses and services that are designed to help RCYCI students, and members of the local community develop skills and competencies they need to meet their academic, professional and personal goals.

Because of the pioneering approaches YEL & PYI adopts, it became the first educational institute in the Kingdom to be accredited by the CEA (America’s leading accreditation body for English language programs).  YEL & PYI was also the first educational institute outside Europe to be accredited by Eaquals (the largest language accreditation bodies in Europe).

YEL & PYI provides competency-based learning in a range of subjects including English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical education, and Islamic studies as well as supporting courses that cover computer and study skills. In so doing, we aim to create a learning environment where everyone participates in the attainment of their own and the institute’s goals in a collaborative atmosphere that contributes to the evolution and continual development of the Institute and its learners. To facilitate this, we have put together a comprehensive curriculum that develops the competencies required to function effectively both in English medium higher education and in multilingual business, industrial and social environments - all of this done with a keen focus on the specific requirements of the local industry in the fields of engineering, management, and information technology.

The Institute offers an intensive preparatory year program for students of the RCYCI, where learners enjoy high-quality instruction and personal attention from our team of highly skilled teachers from around the world. The program involves an initial assessment stage, in which students are assigned to the appropriate level according to their level of proficiency. Once assigned, we use a targeted curriculum that has been selected and developed to match the various ability levels and academic needs of students. This curriculum is delivered by our skilled teachers, using a variety of educational materials, aids, methods and advanced technology to enhance learning. We also offer a range of learner support services to ensure that everyone is able to meet their full potential.

The Institute constantly liaises with the other colleges and institutes of the RCYCI and with local industries and the community to ensure that the content of our courses corresponds to their exact needs. Our well-knit coordination system ensures that our programs and courses are run smoothly and professionally and our integrated assessment systems enable us to effectively evaluate both teachers’ and students’ performance in order to promote and maintain the standards both we and our learners expect.

The courses offered at YEL & PYI are fundamental components of the degree programs offered by the RCYCI, contribute to the development of the local workforce through our partnerships with local industry, and help members of the local community achieve their personal and professional goals.

At YEL & PYI we do everything we can to create a learning experience that empowers our learners with the knowledge and competencies skills they need to develop as students, employees, and people.