Educational Philosophy and Pedagogical Approach

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is that students are active learners who exert control over their own learning and actively contribute to the learning process. ‘Learning how to learn’ underpins our curriculum through transferable student attributes that describe the knowledge, skills, and competencies that the learners will develop throughout their studies with the Institute, including:

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Discovery through inquiry.
  • Life-long and independent learning.


Our Pedagogical Approach

Student-centred learning forms the core of YEL & PYI instructional practice in order to allow teachers to best meet students’ needs. The teacher’s role, therefore, is that of a guide, facilitator and manager of learning. Teaching is viewed as a dynamic, interactional process. The teacher reflects upon the classroom practices and identifies the appropriate strategies for each learning task in order to keep the teaching aligned with the student needs.