Message from the Managing Director

At Yanbu English Language & Preparatory-Year Institute (YEL & PYI) we pride ourselves on offering a quality educational experience to all learners. In our increasingly interconnected world, the use of English as the global lingua franca means the demand for English in the worlds of education and work has never been greater and here at YEL & PYI, we strive to meet that demand head-on while also providing general studies courses that equip learners with the range of knowledge and skills they need to excel in their studies at the RCYCI.

Our pioneering, internationally-accredited Institute offers an array of programs aimed at meeting the diverse range of needs for the different types of learners we welcome. Our Preparatory-Year program provides newly enrolled RCYCI students with a solid grounding in general English along with language more catered to the needs of their field of study. The program also establishes a firm academic skill-base in the form of tailored math courses and computer and study skills courses that prepare learns for the rigors of higher education in the area of their choice.

For those who successfully complete the Prep Year, We continue to offer a variety of academic support courses carefully designed to meet the specific demands of the students’ chosen degree programs.  These courses cover a diverse set of subjects including not only English and math, but also physics, chemistry physical education, and Islamic studies. Our educational philosophy and pedagogical approach develop life-long, autonomous learners to help ensure that the RCYCI produces well-rounded graduates prepared for the challenges of life beyond higher education.

Additionally, the Institute works closely with local industry and the community to ensure we meet the English language and academic needs outside of the RCYCI. This includes providing a range of bespoke training courses for employees of local companies as well as contributing to the development of the wider community through a range of English language courses and services including acting as a local hub for international language tests including IELTS and TOEFL.

YEL & PYI boasts a highly-qualified, experienced, and culturally diverse staff, well-equipped facilities, and a range of learner support services that combine with our carefully designed curriculum to create a highly-conducive learning environment with our students at its heart where everyone can meet their full potential.

Dr. Raed Al-Thomali

Managing Director Yanbu English Language & Preparatory Year Institute